Introduction to HMI

As a modern computerized machine shop, Harmonic Machine Inc. excels in building quality business relationships in many areas.

We work with our customers to contribute to their success by providing the right solutions in the right way. HMI has implemented several lean manufacturing methods that allow us to be flexible, responsive, and deliver quality parts at an economical price. We have earned the reputation of being a top-rated supplier for many of our customers.

We have invested heavily in quality, state of the art CNC equipment, and outfited our machine tools with automation options. This allows us to enjoy highly reliable machines that consistently output quality parts. In addition, our policy is to replace our machines once they reach 10 years of use, which gives us the benefit of using the quickest and most advanced machines in the industry.

Our working environment at HMI is an outstanding example of modern day manufacturing. We have a well-lit, clean environment where our technicians work with modern equipment to produce complex and exciting products. Our staff is challenged daily to improve processes and working conditions, and the result has been an improved workplace for everyone. We have a very high degree of employee satisfaction, and the ensuing culture is both prized and rare. We care for each other and challenge each other to grow in knowledge and abilities so that we all can excel.


Employment Opportunities

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