vertical machining centers

1 x Haas VF4SS: 4 axis 20"x50" Vertical Machining Center
1 x Haas DT1: Drill & Tap Center with pallet changer
4 x Brother TC32 BN: 4 axis 16k RPM Pallet Changing 30 taper VMC
3 x Brother S1000X1: 16k RPM 20"x40" 30 taper VMC
4 x Okuma M560-V: 4 axis 20"x40" VMC
1 x Doosan DNMS 500s: 20"x40" VMC

horizontal machining center

1 x Mazak Nexus 5000-II: 500mm 2 pallet 80 Tool HMC
6 x Okuma MB4000H: 15k spindle, 2 pallet horizontal machining center

cnc lathes

1 x Romi G30: 12" chuck, 30 HP CNC lathe
1 x Romi GL240: 20 HP, 6000 RPM CNC lathe
1 x Romi GL240: 20 HP, 6000 RPM CNC lathe with bar feeder
1 x Romi GL280: 10” chuck, 25 HP, 4500 RPM CNC lathe

multitasking machining centers

1 x Mazak Integrex 200IVSY: Double spindle 7-axis multitasking machining center
1 x Nakamura-Tome WT-150IIMMYS : Double spindle double turret multitasking lathe

manual lathes

Microcut: 16x40 manual lathe with DRO
Microcut: 22x80 manual lathe with DRO

automatic saw

Cosen Model C-320NC: 12" Automatic Saw
Cosen Model C-320GNC: 12” Automatic Saw